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Published 12.22.2014

I don’t even remember how long we’ve been friends. Long enough for me to fall in love and stop loving her. I was having too much fun with her to just stop communicating after refusal, so we became best friends – common jokes that only we understood, mutual friends. In general, everything like between the best friends. With one exception – her body is fucking sexy. It’s impossible not to look at her body and impossible not to want it. Crowds of admirers, tons of messages at nights, everything as it should be. And for me? For me it’s jealousy and then a healthy apathy, and occasions for sarcastic jokes.

We’re getting ready for a party; an hour is left before going out. I come to pick her up, but of course she didn’t even think of getting ready yet. I knock on the door.

— Damn, help me! I don’t know what to dress! — she’s wearing only a shirt, pajama pants, a mess on her head. Sexy.

— Spacesuit, as always, what else? — without giving a damn, I go straight to the fridge.

— Heyyy! — she cried and pouted her lips, — I really don’t know. At least tell me, should I dress glamorous or like hip-hop style?

— With your duckface it’s glamorous anyway, — I barely dodge a hit with a towel.

— Okay, no help from you, and you call yourself a friend, — She turns around and goes into another room. I follow her with a can of Cola.

A room is in total mess, as if it was male’s room – boxes of pizza, different rags and even socks lying around everywhere (who was that who said that girls are white-gloves?)

— Sorry, I haven’t cleaned up, sit where it’s cleaner — with a malicious grin, she hides behind a closet door to change the clothes. Then she sticks her head out – don’t you dare to sneak peak!

— Oh, who needs you. Come on, faster, we have 45 minutes left, — I sit on a chair in front of the computer and lazily sip my Cola. A paused Skyrim is on a screen. Yeah.

— Hey, which is better, those jeans or this skirt?

I didn’t even turn my head. Two hands were shaking some rags behind the door.

— Jeans, it’s open air there, it will be cool, — I’m a caring friend and all.

— Yeah? Well, only if I’m able to put them on.

I minimize the game; the browser is opened. I check the history. Nothing vulgar in there. Facebook, facebook, facebook... What’s that? Yes. The group of 18+. Watching porno, I see. “Alright, everybody does that” — my philosophical thought is interrupted by a half-moan/half-shout of indignation from behind a cabinet door.

— What the hell!!!

— What is it?

I don’t fit in them! What the fuck, look at this! — she shows herself from behind the cabinet door and I start laughing — jeans are put up to her ass and bumcheeks are bulging out above the belt. Poor tight jeans almost crack under the pressure of my friend’s plump hips, and a juicy ass doesn’t give the slightest chance to continue the process of dressing up.

— What should I do now?

— You should’ve worked out, because all you do is eating pizza and playing computer all day long.

— Working out? I have a great form, and all the guys, and blah blah blah — I didn’t listen anymore, because a view of her ass started the all-natural cycle of excitation. Neurons were no longer able to calm down, adrenaline was fed into my heart, cock slowly but surely began to show signs of life.

— Well, you want to wear jeans and go to a party to shake your butt, don’t you?

— I do... — she answers more calmly. — But what should I do, — she points to a smooth bumcheeks under the underwear — with this?

— Maybe... You should... get dressed, — I make a friendly remark.

— Damn, haven’t you seen a female ass? I’m talking seriously now. I never even thought about this. Maybe you know some diets or methods, exercises, medicines.

— Well... diets, yes, vegetables, — I try to remember what I’ve seen on the internet, — sport? Well, exercises... you should do running... — her face grimaces more and more with my every word, — ... and there’s a massage, — she livened up.

— Massage? How will it help?

— Well, it’s intense, helps to lose extra pounds.

— Do you know how to do it? — there’s no mockery on her face and it scares me a bit.

— Ahm... well, I saw it on the internet...

— Do it for me, okay? Right now, maybe it will help at least a little bit and I can dress up my jeans, — I’m shocked.

— How do I need to stand or lay or sit? Come on, we don’t have much time.

I try to be serious. Maybe she’s joking? I will look as such an idiot. But no, seems that she’s not, but who knows those girls. My cock has long been uneasy in the pants because of this situation and now it lazily pressed against thigh.

— Well, stand in a doggie position near the bed — the look on my face is level 80 trollface.

— Are you mad?

— Alright, I’m joking, take off your jeans and lie on the bed on your stomach. Take them off really sloooowly…

— Oh you! — I look how she nervously undresses, blush on her face and stripped panties with Pikachu on her ass. Really cute. She lay down, legs spread apart. Damn, her hips are already as of a woman, but there are funny socks on her feet. Above all this symbiosis of girl and woman rises a delicious ass in a shape of a heart. I go to the bad and I’m afraid to sit down – I’ll break my penis. I kneel at her legs and sit directly on them almost on the ass. Something will happen now.

— Well, what are you waiting for? Trying to control your erection? — she laughs. What a bitch.

— No. Repulsion, — her heel hits me in the spine immediately.

— You can joke, but I’m a girl, you chump, — she looked offended.

— Okay, okay, don’t rumble, let me remember the technique, wait a minute.

— Well well, out technician.

I dashingly seize her right buttock with all five fingers, and my fingers bury in an elastic soft flesh.

— Hey, fitter, be careful…

— It is necessary, it’s not a relaxing massage

I begin to knead those bumcheeks, squeeze them, squeeze them in every possible way, and thought in my head is “I have no idea what I'm doing”, but it’s pleasant as hell! She wriggles a bit, it’s a bit painful probably. I loosen the grip and touch her back. I hear a slight moan.

— It’s pleasant on the back, do it again.

I stroke her, move my hands, and it seems that my entire blood has focused on the head. I knead her back and return to the ass. I imagine being a great friendzone hero, who sacrifices a boner for the sake of a girlfriend. It’s a great honor to help girlfriend to squeeze her ass into tight jeans. Behind all these heroic thoughts I do not notice that my hands are already crumpling her hips and striped panties have almost vanished between the buttocks of my pizza lover.

A wonderful picture of a red juicy ass opens before me. It’s like hot plasticine under my hands, hard to unstick them. I look up – she’s lying, head turned, eyes closed, puffy lips in a blissful smile.

— Are you sleeping?

— Nooo, — she answers, without opening her eyes, — just continue.

According to the clock, the party starts in 15 minutes, but nobody gives a fuck – we’re losing weight.

I continue working with fingers, massaging the inside of the thighs with the large one. I know myself that t’ss very sensitive there, but it’s pleasant for her. I feel dizzy of the excitement. I have to adjust the cock with my hand and here it is, already looking up, pitifully asking for a discharge. Although no, not pitifully. Look how erect it is.

— Does your conditioner work?

— No, it’s broken; it should be repaired the day after tomorrow, why? Feel hot?

— Yes, really hot. Can I take off my jeans?...

— No, sit and sweat there. Damn, take them off, of course — I’m shocked. I didn’t think it’s gonna work.

I stand up and in 2 seconds take off my jeans and socks. Who the hell need socks in the bed?

That awesome feeling of our bare legs touching, touch of her smooth thighs start a hot throbbing in my penis, which is already sticking out of underwear. But I ignore it. I’m a good friend after all.

— Listen, it’s uncomfortable to massage you like that, let me lower your panties, okay? — too insolent, she will tell me to get the fuck out.

— What else do you want? Do it as before.

— What about a technique? There were no panties in that video.

— Maybe you were watching porn and not a massage course? Do it like this or we end it.

Well, what did I expect? I sigh; decorously straighten her panties, tugging at the edges to get them out of my friend’s bumcheeks. There is a wet spot in her panties with a characteristic odor that is driving men crazy for thousands of years. Damn it. I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut.

— What’s that?

— Where? — making a fool of herself?

— Here! This spot?

— What spot?

— Alright, we’ll use a Chinese technique on you!

— What tech... ? Ouch!! — my palm hits her wonderful and red ass backhand. — Have you gone mad? OUCH!! Damn it!! — and again! Take that!

She started moving her legs under me, trying to get free. I’ll show you what’s it like to tease and trick me. I dig my fingers into her ass again and start massaging the inside of the thighs, but this time closer to the base. I already feel for her swollen labia, and then one of my fingers falls into a burning and wet cave. I stands still. Beneath me, she stands still too, and I hear a sob. The thought in my head: "Oh shit!" But there are no tears on her face, only a plaintive expression and a strong blush. I move my finger deeper.

— Аааа! What... are you doing? — stupid question, but that doesn’t matter now — I’m doing a massage. Internal.

That’s all, I can’t hold back any longer, rise on my legs, lower panties, and then…

My cock happily jumps out and as Spartan spear aims where it’s needed, and at the speed of sound I enter the bloated head into oozing vagina.

— That’s the Chinese technique for weight loss, — my brain couldn’t come up with a more stupid thought.

To her credit I must say that she has responded adequately to this phrase - she began to cum.

I lay down on her from above, hugged her with my knees, putting tibia on her hips (yes, that phrase needs time for processing). I started fucking her like a young stallion. Her wet after orgasm vagina happily held my tired from the sweet torment cock. I pecked at the speed of a jackhammer, and my partner was just sobbing and biting blanket beneath her. I didn’t let her ass from my hands, and I was happy. It’s an incredible thrill - to fuck the one you loved ... or love? I kissed her sweet-smelling neck and enjoyed every second of the sweet intercourse. My favorite patient simply howled from the buzz and waved her juicy ass, restlessly moving her legs along the bed, and stuck her fingers in her mouth sucking them with the excitement. God, it’s so good. My swollen with sperm eggs pulled up to the scrotum, and the trunk was strong and like made of steel.

— Kiss me... you hear me? — she whispered with a slight stutter from pushes.

We merged in a sweet lingering kiss, our tongues entwined each other, I just reveled in it, because she is the one, unassailable, friend and my love. I realized that we both are still wearing shirts. That will not do. I rummage my hands under her shirt and feel for her weighty breasts, flattened on the bed. Nipples tightened and hardened. I have never seen her breasts before, but I feel that they are amazing. I gently touch her erect nipples, slightly pinch them, pull ghosting and squeeze the firm breasts themselves. Something incredible is happening with girlfriend, vagina tightening around my cock, her ass sits on my cock by itself, the girl trembles beneath me and lingeringly moans through a kiss. What a sensitive breasts. Alright, enough of playing. With regret I come off from her lips without stopping pushes with my cock and lift over her body.

— Where are you going? — she sighs.

— What do you mean? I need to continue to work on the technique, — I grab her ass and start to just stick it on myself; the bed creaks under us and under pushes throws my girlfriend straight on my penis. Before that she was just moaning, but now she screamed.

— Well, you already feel like you grow thin?

— I feel… that I’m melting under your cock… you decided to fuck me until I lose my consciousness? — These words worked as a detonator. I furiously began to fuck her, but I didn’t last long. My eyes darkened, and a pleasant languor went at the bottom. I pulled out my dick and powerfully gushed right on her T-shirt and my favorite red ass. Thick streams of cum flew right up to her head.

I took a breath and looked at my work. In front of me is the love of my life, covered in sperm with red ass and maroon dripping vagina, and she’s resting.Cock didn’t even think of going to rest, but just softened a little and the head slightly covered in skin. I fell beside her.

— What have you done?

— And what have I done? — I tried to play stupid.

— As far as I know, massage isn’t done only once. I’ll have to take a course, — she said, smirking.

— That’s not for free, — one has to show off.

— I’ll pay in kind, — and that bitch pulls off her shirt and stands in the provoking position. A miracle of nature appeared before my eyes. Two miracles, to me precise. Beautiful breasts of a third size. Nipples looked like “All-day suckers” - those that look like they were sucked all day. I would do that, if I had a chance. But I wasn’t given a long time to look at all of this because I wasn’t staring alone.

— God! And... you... that’s... how... where from? — she slithered like a snake to between my legs and grabbed my starting-to-erect fighter. — Venous, and the head is incommensurate. I like it. I’m so silly. How I didn’t notice before…

Not a silly one, it’s dick like any other dick, but who knows those women. She likes it – I’m glad. Ooooh. She licked the head. And again.

— I owe you... the first session as to say, — she folded her lips in the form of a letter “O” , grabbed the head and began to release it from skin moving forward. At the same time she was tickling the bridle with her tongue, then gently licked the penis and went back to the head, not forgetting to jerk off the dick with her hand. I was in the nirvana. The cock was hard and ready, as though it didn’t cum recently. I cannot lie idle, hands are themselves drawn to her vagina, but when I start to caress her, she jerked and easily located herself over my head. Roger that, dear. Grabbing so well tucked ass into my hands I moved into her vagina, lightly sucked her clitoris and wrote a whole essay with my tongue. The action between the was not worse - like a real cocksucker, the love of my life was working hard, slapped the head of my dick over her lips and tongue, sucked my balls, tried to perform deep throat and whispered something there, while periodically screaming from my caresses. My brain stopped working at all, and I just wanted it to not end. We finished like in a movie almost simultaneously. After another run of her lips and tongue on the penis I shot with the power of the gun. She felt the impulse and helped me with her hands, pumping off my seed, and greedily sucking it all, while shaking slightly because a nectar started to drip from her vagina. We lay about half a minute trying to catch breath. At the same time I gratefully kissed her feet and stroked my hands on the desired body, unknown and so alluring.

— Can you do more?

— Need to take a little break.

— Do you understand that now you’re not going anywhere?

I do, and I don’t want to. Maybe we won’t go anywhere today?

— I didn’t really want to. Let’s better order some pizza and then you’ll fuck me again.

My cock began to stiffen again. Fell in love for the second time.

— We have one problem.

— What problem? — I asked in surprise.

— The night will come soon, neighbors will be sleeping.

— So what?

— What do you mean? I’ll scream again lying under you…

Well, my dear reader. To summarize, I can say that we came out of her room only to shower and get water from the store. Panties with Pikachu lay forlornly in the corner of the room, and she didn’t wear any other. I couldn’t cum so many times even when masturbating. We watched movies and fucked, and then could not remember what we watched. We bathed – and I didn’t pull my dick off her. She played computer games - I did her cunnilingus (although she lost almost immediately, but then came my turn). Her futile attempts to find clothes were thwarted by the fact that I could not bear the sight of her backside and the swinging breasts and I just took her violently on the spot of "crimes". Tired of sex we lay on the bed and talked ... rubbish, everything that bind us together, but in a new context. Oh, yes. I was finally able to suck on her wonderful breasts, who could have thought that she can cum after breasts caressing. By the way, her ass didn’t become any thinner, of which I am glad.

Thank you!
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