The variety of sex content available out there is overwhelming, so strange sex stories are always in demand. There is always something outstanding and thrilling about those bizarre sex stories - the choice of a sex partner, location, race, sexual preferences or the surroundings. There is nothing ordinary about those stories and therefore a lot to look forward to!

Really strange sex stories

Read all about how our strange desires and peculiar fetishes make sex outstanding and awesome
Unusual cocksucker
Published 12.15.2014

I guess it’s too early for me to write memoirs, but I want to share one story of my life. It happened a long time ago, about 10 years I think, in Detroit. We were hanging out with friend and he offered to pay a visit to one girl, who gives blowjobs f...

Out-of-ordinary weird sex stories

Strange is good, especially when it comes to sex. Everyone is so tired of having it in the same way every time, strange sex positions are always welcome. People also like to experiment with locations - you can fuck in park, in the bathroom of a restaurant, at the library and even at the museum. There are so many unexplored opportunities - and stories about sex in strange places give everyone an incredible erotic thrill. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experiment, especially with the right kind of girl. The beauty of weird sex stories lies in their boundless possibilities. You will never know if the writer came up with that or it really happened, and you don't really care - as long as it gives you those unparallel pleasant sensations. So, if unusual sex is something you have been considering - there is a great collection of stories that describe a variety of possibilities that you may find curious.