Unusual cocksucker

Published 12.15.2014

I guess it’s too early for me to write memoirs, but I want to share one story of my life.

It happened a long time ago, about 10 years I think, in Detroit. We were hanging out with friend and he offered to pay a visit to one girl, who gives blowjobs for free. I agreed, secretly hoping that she won’t be too shabby and ugly, because you could expect everything from Mike. The reality surpassed all expectations but first things first.

Contrary to my assumptions, we walked past the old dilapidated little houses, not turning into any of them, and went up to a decent house. When we climbed the stairs and rang the doorbell, a fresh girl of about 18 years old opened the door. She was quite pretty, though you wouldn’t call her a beauty. There was some kind of rudeness in this girl – in dense, though not fat figure and in a bit harsh demeanor. She invited us into a room and we were introduced. Her name was Maggie. She offered us some tea and went to the kitchen; Mike went after her.

I started looking around, starting to think that Mike was just joking about the blowjob and we won’t get anything like that in here, but as they returned, Maggie said: well, undress. Mike didn’t need to hear it twice and he momentarily undressed. And I was a little bit confused, it was so unexpected. Then Maggie asked me: what, you don’t want? And took off her shirt, baring her breasts, because she didn’t have a bra. I started undressing, and meanwhile she began to suck Mike’s cock. I undressed and stood beside him. Soon he had an orgasm and she stopped. Without any talking, she swallowed and sucked my cock too. While she was at it, Mike tried to take off her pants, but Maggie roughly pushed him away and continued her job. By the way, we didn’t have condoms, so I thought that she will stop sucking when I’ll start to cum – she met me for the first time in any case. But no, she didn’t stop and didn’t spill a single droplet – swallowed everything.

After that we’ve had some tea, talked for a bit. And Mike said: well, one more round for blowjobs and we’ll go. Maggie agreed and this time sucked both our cocks at the same time, holding and switching between them. By the way, this time she undressed completely, showing us hairy pubis and strong legs. When we were saying goodbyes, she invited us to come again and then with a smile said directly to me: come again.

When we were going back, I started questioning Mike about everything that amazed me. He told me, that Maggie really looks like a nice and good girl; she’s also a good student and has practiced martial arts. Lives with her mom. Mom periodically goes to a business trips and when she’s not home, Maggie plays around. It’s not publicized – people who know just visit her like we did, and Mike was brought by his friends as well. People who don’t know wouldn’t even think about it looking at her. She doesn’t let’s fuck her so simply, at least Mike didn’t achieve that yet, but she’s always up for a blowjob. The fact that she easily swallowed our semen – it’s normal for her. He even joked that she looks a bit manly and has a small mustache because there are too many male hormones in her body, which come from obvious place. Mike also said that he always visits her with friends, whom she doesn’t know, because he’s a convivial man and likes to make impression on friends. Overall, she enjoyed doing what she did and by that time she has had already tasted a lot of cocks.

After that I visited her alone for a few times and got a good blowjob. I noticed the same strange thing about her: she didn’t like to fully undress, usually taking off only her shirt, baring the upper part of the body. Actually, I saw her only once completely naked, that time with Mike. When I asked why she won’t she take off her pants she just said that doesn’t want, and of course I didn’t push her too much. At the same time she always demanded that the guys would be fully naked, though she only caressed their cocks. I still don’t understand why she acted like that.

Once I came to her and she said that can’t invite me right now. At first I didn’t understand why and said: maybe a fast one. She silently took my hand, and led me to the bathroom, where she did a blowjob without undressing me and then led me out, also silently. When I was going out, I understood that there were some guests in her room, and they probably never knew what she did while she left them for a few minutes. It was kind of an improvised extreme.

Later we somehow didn’t have many chances to meet – sometimes she couldn’t, sometimes me. I didn’t really have time for her and our meetings ended. I lost contact with Mike long ago as well and I don’t think that he continued to visit Maggie either. It would be interesting to know how she is like after all these years. But I don’t even know if she lives at the same place or not, and maybe she has a family, kids. Overall, I don’t think that it’s worth looking for her. Though I still remember this blowjob-liking-girl, who amazed me with her unexpected behavior.

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