An office is a great way to strike up new friendships and maybe have some sex with no strings attached. An office romance story is a very broad term that can be anything from innocent kissing to a full-blown blowjob in the broom closet. Hot and forbidden office sex is something most office workers considered at least once or twice and would love to read about!

Naughty office romance

There's a spark between colleagues… read right here about how it all ends!
Cake, flowers. Absolutely real story
Published 12.19.2014

There was a girl Julia, who worked as a secretary in our office. Very pretty and forms almost perfect. You could just look at her and you wouldn’t need any Viagra. She was about 25 years old. Divorced, has a child. She’s pleasant to talk to. The...

Horny victim of office sex
Published 10.02.2014

I was sitting at the computer and re-reading the last message of Tom, who was sitting in the next office down the hall. Especially I liked the last lines “My cock is begging to get free… Underwear is like a small patch of cloth which only covers the...

Office sex stories about seduction

Many of us often wonder how nice it would be to follow that girl to the copy room and fuck her between the legs, without taking her skirt off… While most of us will never act on those kinky and somewhat fetishistic fantasies, its very gratifying to read stories about sex in the office. Officer workers are so stressed out, a quality office fuck is a great way to unwind and get energized for the routine to come. The beauty of stories about fucking in the office is that people in them will always try to hide, as they are afraid they may get caught and this is what makes it so enjoyable! No matter if it's an office slut used to this kind of action, or a timid first-timer, the overwhelming hotness of doing something forbidden, risking your job and your reputation is undeniable. Some fantasies cannot be acted upon, but there is an awesome way to see them happen in your mind - by reading stories about people that brushed away all doubt and did it in spite of everything!