Can a student become the master? Certainly, especially in the student teacher sex stories where inexperienced students get taught a lesson of sexual proficiency by their demanding teachers. Hot girls get schooled by their elderly professors, young naïve guys get saddled up by their milfy teachers, and of course there are plenty of college orgy stories to balance it all out.

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Published 12.22.2014

I don’t even remember how long we’ve been friends. Long enough for me to fall in love and stop loving her. I was having too much fun with her to just stop communicating after refusal, so we became best friends – common jokes that only we under...


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Wild college sex is legendary. Young girls finally feel free from their parent's supervision and tend to engage in mindless sexual adventures with their peers and even teachers! Fucking a teacher seems particularly hot, as it's a social taboo begging to be broken. Sexy elderly teachers or young substitutes are often looking to have sex with student, especially if she's a promising gorgeous girl with a tight skirt and no underwear. Colleges try hard to be respectable places for young people to learn. But sex is in the air and everyone's having it. Every student sex party turns into an orgy, with lots of participants waking up having fucked half their class one way or another. College time is awesome, and now you can read all about it in the stories written by teachers, students or mere observers. When a teacher has sex with student, it's bound to be very spicy and passionate. Lascivious teachers take advantage of their young trusting female students and pound them non-stop!