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Backroom casting couch

We have all had the opportunity to watch the videos of young girls and boys who get attracted to the strange small offices to have an interview for a possible job. Common setup of the room is that it actually has one black couch, one desk and one chair. As the conversation starts, they start talking about what they would like to do and what skills they have in order to start the conversation about what they would like to do. Tricky part is that got the invitations for the conversation for job of the photo model, and they are slowly dragged towards the porn industry and what it has to offer. As we all work for money what need to be done, they offer them a large sum of money for a job, and then ask them first to take off their clothes. As the time goes by, they advance to next step inviting them to have sex with them so they can show the houses they represent what they have to offer and that is when the real hardcore porn starts. Usually, all of the candidates that come to the interview are not resisting much to the offers of well-paid job and interviews are going quite smooth. Depending on who the client is and who is doing the interview, this category of porn videos can present a lot of different vids. It is worth to mention that there can be more than one candidate for the job, and in that case, it gets quite wild as all candidates are trying to show their best so they can ensure they will get the job. Even though it is well known that they are all paid to do what they are doing, setup alone is quite interesting and it is created that way to appear as much as possible that they are really here for interview only, and that they only got some better offer out of nowhere. That is what makes this category of videos something special and something that stands out of the crowd of all other videos as something that might be quite real and not actually written by the director who created the script and hired actors to do their job so they can be paid for what they did.

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