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We have all seen various advertising about some webcam girls or at least heard of them from any possible source. What is interesting about them is that they are willing to do anything you ask of them, as long as you don’t call them to your apartment, if the price is right. Because of that, there are both paid cam shows and free cam shows. For that very reason some of the webcam girls offer free camera shows as a lobby where all of the visitors can chat with them, but to do something that is only intended for you, you will have to get invited to the private room, and there you will be asked to pay what is necessary in order to get what you asked for. Usually, they do not ask you to pay them with the real money, as all of the sites have some tokens you buy in order to give them to someone. Those tokens are internal currency on that website and can only be used there. You buy them on that same site and prices vary from one site to other. However, in order to see how that looks like, there are some webcam shows you can find on porn sites. All of those shows are recorded by the webcam girls as their own commercial for what they are doing. Usually those videos are not of quite big quality and they show only the model that is signed. However, there are videos of couples – both straight and homosexual. When it comes to what you can see there, answer is pretty much everything. If it is some lesbian couple, you can see them kissing, dildoing, tribbing and generally all you can think of. If you come up to straight couple, you can find all possible positions for sex, like doggy style, riding, and you can even stumble upon some anal footage. Concerning gays, all the same applies to them as it was to all of the previous mentioned. If you are not interested in spending your time with one of the webcam girls, you can at least enjoy watching them do what is asked of them by some other client. That way you might get the feeling that you are asking them to do this or that just for you.

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