Love till death parts them is romantic, but has nothing to do with real life. In real life, one night stand story is something that non one is surprised to hear or read about. Reading about it can even make you pretty horny, as reading a casual sex story brings out all the concealed sexual tension. A great way to unwind and see how others do it when given a chance!
Most of us had a one night stand, some, who are luckier than others, even more than one. There is no question about it - casual sex with a random stranger gets the juices flowing like nothing else. There is that new girl feel when you get to hook up with a new gorgeous lady whose body is still a mystery to you and yours - to her. Exploring a stranger from the sexual angle is a seduction by itself, which is why one night stand stories are ever so popular with readers looking for an inspiring story. This kind of random and casual hookup is also incredibly stimulating for the ladies - their tight pussy is being filled with a new cock, so passionate and so strong, yet so tentative at times. The first moments of penetration as well as the anticipation can make your cock go up in flames. When described by a good writer, reading a story describing this teasing happening can be so much better than actually watching something similar on the screen!