When it comes to playing with sex toys, there is always a lot of fun. Dildo porn is one of the most popular ones, while playing with whips and handcuffs doesn't come as often. Still, if you are in the mood for those XXX videos, you'll be pleased.

Sex toys keep babes satisfied

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In many of those XXX videos performers enjoy in using sex toys. They usually have huge collections of them - from regular dildos, over glass dildos, rubber dildos, all the way to various whips, handcuffs as well as latex and leather costumes. It's all for making the best porn videos. Many times there are girls that love pleasing themselves, first with finger fucking and them with some sex toys. Sticking a dildo up her slit and another one up her ass is what porn industry marks as double penetration. That gives double the pleasure, which can be seen on the XXX video. Dildos can vary in form and size. Still, they all do the same - make a girl moan. Vibrators are also there for pussy porn movies. There are lots of wet pussy games with those sex toys that make girls cum.