Kinky submissive sex does not leave anyone less than totally satisfied and exhausted. The pleasure of submitting to the mercy and will of another person is very sexually rewarding. If you ever wanted to see what it feels like to be told what to do by a dirty-minded mistress, then there will surely be a lot to learn from the mind-shattering submissive sex stories.

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Arousing games where people play Master and Slave will spice up ordinary sex life
Unexpected sex trap for antiquary
Published 12.19.2014

There are a lot of such houses in New York outskirts. Planked in the fashion of the first half of the last century, they quietly deteriorate among the pines. Sometimes, some nouveau riche owner dares to renovate a cottage, but those lucky houses are...

Dominant sex stories and submission stories

Detailed dominant sex stories may be just what the doctor ordered. There is so much effort put into it, so much passion and so much pleasure in the end, both the submissives and the dominants need a good break before doing another. But submission stories go far beyond the classic submissive-dominant combinations. Those are also humiliation stories with people like you being dominated as a surprise and feeling pretty uneasy about the whole situation (which still does not keep them from quite enjoying the actual experience in the end). There are often cases when a submissive wife is expecting her husband to be the real boss in the bedroom, because it's a huge turn-on for her. Cases of submissive men are also quite frequent in those stories. They expect their women to be powerful and even hurt them a bit, as this makes their sexual pleasure so much more rewarding. Those stories are a godsend for everyone interested in how submission heightens pleasure.