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Crazy sexual fantasy stories

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Cake, flowers. Absolutely real story
Published 12.19.2014

There was a girl Julia, who worked as a secretary in our office. Very pretty and forms almost perfect. You could just look at her and you wouldn’t need any Viagra. She was about 25 years old. Divorced, has a child. She’s pleasant to talk to. The...

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Many men like to lie in their bed and enjoy their dirty crazy sex fantasies… They can go on all day, that's how gratifying this kind of thinking can be, especially if you have free hands and a lot of time. There may be different types of sexual fantasies - some like to picture themselves with a duet of bisexual chicks, others enjoy the sight of black pussy riding a white cock, or vice versa, others' fantasies are kinkier or much more specific that those generic dreams. Lesbian fantasy stories are quite common as well, because what man does not enjoy watching chicks fork, lick pussy and fuck using all sorts of sex toys? Another fun type is a sex slave fantasy when a male fantasizes about being some cute girls' sex slave and doing everything he's told. There is no shame in anything when it comes to fantasies, as there are all sorts of them in the numerous sex stories available. From romantic night with Cinderella to fantasy forced sex - the choice is amazing.