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We all know that female bodies work on a bit specific way and a lot different than male bodies. However, that is not always true as there are some random facts that make this theory not so true and life itself a bit more interesting. For example, we all know that when guys have orgasm they spray their semen all over the place, as for girls they only ejaculate their body fluids in their pussy so you actually do not see that one as transparent as male orgasm. Well, that is not totally true as there are girls whose bodies instead of slowly releasing body fluids start spraying them all over the place. It is somewhat small deviation of the body itself, but it is not something that is not normal. Such way of having an orgasm is commonly known as squirting and there are way too many sex videos you can find on the internet that show how this actually works. As this is something that can be shown throughout the video or it can be a compilation of cut scenes of girls having such orgasm, you will have to make sure you have selected the right subcategory so you don’t end up on some video where you will spend time waiting for the part that will never come. For example, this sort of videos can be at first related to lesbian porn and to straight porn. Additionally, they can be linked to the massage porn, masturbation videos and so on and so forth. The most known porn star that does videos that fall into this category is named Cytheria and almost all of the porn websites have her videos in their database, and if you haven’t check her out, we advise you to start from there as she is the one that has become famous doing just that very thing. There are some other actresses of course, but this one has become famous on that very thing and that is our recommendation. However, you should make sure that you have selected the appropriate things to make your search target the right video so you don’t waste your time on something that you don’t even want to watch while you are waiting for the scene that will never happen.

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